10th EMDR Europe Conference

15.12.2010 06:15

Journey from Lviv to Amsterdam

f.l.t.r.: Olga Ryshkovska, Francine Shapiro, Oksana Nakonechna, Arne Hofmann, Eva Münker-Kramer

This journey began long before June 2009, probably when in 2003  on the 11 th Congress of the EAP in Lviv (Ukraine) we have heard a report by Michel Meignant about a “strange” method of psychotherapy  -  EMDR. We were accustomed to "talking" methods at that time so we have marveled at that method and eventually have forgotten about it.

The story continued when two of our colleagues, Olga Ryshkovska and Oxana Vynyarska were invited to Vienna by EMDR Institute Austria for the EMDR basic course in 2004 and initiated by the Austrian colleagues came out with a proposal to organize an educational project in Ukraine through HAP Austria.

In July 2006 the project started with Eva Münker-Kramer and Sylvia Wintersperger and was successfully completed in August 2008 with EMDR Level II with Christine Rost from Germany and Eva Münker-Kramer. Altogether the program consisted of 17 days of training (5 days basic course, 2 days of stabilization and supervision, 3 days of EMDR I, 2 days  day and supervision, 2,5 days of Level II and 1 day of supervision and 2 days on “Dissociative disorders”.

Because of many interests arising from that first project in 2009 HAP Austria started a second project, which has gathered more participants. Four members of the first project (Olha Ryshkovska, Oksana Vynyarska, Oleh Romanchuk, Oksana Nakonechna) have visited Vienna for the advanced course of EMDR (leaded by wonderfull Arne Hofmann),  came out with plans for the establishment of the Association of EMDR in Ukraine and were asked by HAP Austria to become disseminators.

About the 10 th European EMDR Conference we have heard from our coaches and, of course, could only dream about participation (diagnosis, status quo)
Negative Cognition: – “we can not succeed”. Positive Cognition -" somehow we could be able to do it », VoC = 1. SUD = 10.

And then the methods of EMDR and traumatherapy in general came into work:

  • Eva Münker-Kramer said that she is working on the possibility of our trip to Amsterdam (stabilization)
  • Thus we received financial support from HAP Europe, through its President-Helga Matthess (resource)  and efforted a part on our own as well
  • difficult process of opening visa, solutions of the financials issues and transfer (thanks to Hanna Egli) (desensitization and reprocessing)
  • and finally - a comfortable flight, Amsterdam, cozy Hotel, dinner with Austrian and German colleagues and conference in a grand Beurs van Berlage! (fixing and reflecting)

To be in the "free" city of Rembrandt and Van Gogh with its hospitality, the city of canals and tulips, the city of various cultures created an extraordinary atmosphere, which was to cover the entire conference, was a great experience. We were extremely excited about the precise organization, a large number of participants and a huge amount of information.
The opening ceremony and speech of Francine Shapiro was impressive and attractive.

One could wonder to that quantity of associates, colleagues, using a method to help people with various traumas.

We were impressed by reports of Joanne Morris-Smith & Michel Silvestre "EMDR with Children, adolescents and family relationships in the context of domestic violence.", Christine Rost & Dagmar Eckers "CIPOS: A bridge between Stabilization and Trauma Confrontation…", Rene Potgieter "EMDR with a 14-week Old Baby with Oral Trauma"; Steven Marcus "Treating Headaches with EMDR"; Pam Virdi & Derek Farell “The Utilisation of EMDR for People with Eating Disorders” and others. It was hard to choose something, all the topics were interesting, and our physical abilities are limited.
Equally impressive was the closure of the conference.

And, obviously, for us beginning to use the method, coming  from  Ukraine, it was an extraordinary personal acquaintance to meet the founder of the method - Dr.Francine Shapiro personally (photo), who will become a landmark for the further development of a serious and well done use of EMDR also in Ukraine.

At the conference we met our colleagues from around the world, gained new knowledge and had the opportunity to share experiences. Our gifts (Ukrainian hand work) for the HAP booth were accepted and bought.
Besides that we had the opportunity to have some free time in Amsterdam and enjoyed an unforgettable atmosphere that accompanied the entire conference.

For all this we want to thank HAP President Helga Matthess, our colleagues from Austria and Germany, and express our special gratitude to our "moms in EMDR" – Eva Münker-Kramer and Sylvia Wintersperger.

Olha Ryshkovska, Oksana Nakonechna.
Lviv, Ukraine, September 2009

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